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(Phillip Hopes) #1

*Ipswich Project for Open Dialogue
Hi everyone. Been a while since I had any opportunities to talk and think about OD. The NGO I work for has just secured funding for group work with me as the senior Peer Worker. My manager is very keen to start this around the ideas of Open Dialogue and the Power threat meaning framework. I have been to the presentation of the PTMF in Brisbane and I believe it fits very well alongside OD. I have a broad base of lived experience and clinical staff that are keen to work with me. As the project unfolds I will continue to put updates here unless I am directed otherwise. I am very excited about this project. The funding is for three years and coincides with the building of a new mental health unit in the hospital complex. I have been through a heap of old boxes under the house and have found all my notes…I think! I am having two weeks off now and am going to use some of this time to refresh my memory from block one through. Thanks for reading this. I’ll keep you posted as I find things out myself.


(Jaana Castella) #2

Hi Philip, Sounds great and your message Sounds full of energy and exitement.
I have just worked together with Mia here in Denmark andgoing to Boston to visit Advocates in June.
I send you a lot of training energys
Hugs from Jaana

(Phillip Hopes) #3

Hey Janna,

I have a really good feeling about this.