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Open Dialogue therapist in Sweden

Dear all,
Please let me know if you know any therapist that is working in Sweden as I have a Swedish client to refer.
He can speak Swedish, English, Portuguese or some other languages, but is based in Sweden.
Many thanks

Hi Marco,

You can contact Petra Hohn via this forum. She is based in Stockholm. Just click ‘Message’ on the top right of her profile:

With Best Wishes,


thank you very much indeed

Hie @Nick1, I would also love to get in contact with @petra1 if possible. I am now based in Sweden and about to kick-start a long-term (2-3 years) ethnographic research in the region. Looking for way to make my research count and be of help reporting on what is being done:

Hello, thank you for reaching out to me. My email is and my phone number +46 704844900. Looking forward to talk to you.


tors 7 sep. 2023 kl. 10:17 skrev Enric Garcıa Torrents via Open Dialogue International Community Forum

Hello Petra, wrote you an email. Mine is Now guest researcher affiliated at Karolinska Insitutet, happy to share things are moving forward in the right direction and hopefully will soon have ethics clearance to undertake fieldwork in the country also in clinical settings.