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(Georgia Mylonaki) #1

I just wanted to point out that the fees of the training program are unreachable for many, me included. I wonder if this could be adressed in any way. I also wonder how it could be possible to have a training program in Greece. Any thought is welcome.

(Thalia) #2

Hello Georgia, I should write to you in Greek, but my Greek is not very good so I will write in English. I am doing the Foundation course in London, which is a year long. I don’t know what to suggest about training in Greece, that may be for others to comment on. I can see from your comments that you are involved in mental health in Greece. How did you get involved with Open Dialogue?
It has been interesting to read the information about what is happening in Greece, France and Germany.
Thanks, Thalia (half Greek :wink:).

(Georgia Mylonaki) #3

Hi Thalia!
I had read about the Open Dialogue on the internet and had discussed about it in an initiative for mental health here in Greece ( Now, being responsible for POSOPSI’s fb page ( I have made a routine of searching articles and translating them to Greek. So my radar was always open (sic) for O.D. among other things because the Intervoice (in the US I read they do) and the local branch here ‘Hearing Voices Greek’ do follow their work as possible as well.
Now, my personal interest is also to find out how far does OD go. My own thoughts have led me believe that psychosis is a form of a parallel universe experience for people dealing it. I sense that their “mission” is to bring the real with that other world interconnected and the problem arouses when they can not find the balance in between. Far fetched it may sound, but I am sure you may have heard worse being involved with us mental hahaha.
Did I answer the core of your question though? and how about you? related studies? and where from Greece girl?

(Thalia) #4

Hi again,
Thank you for the links, and for explaining what you’re doing and what’s happening in Greece. If there is already interest in Open Dialogue in Greece, then my hunch is that that something will develop there sooner or later. As far as I can tell, Greeks are good at speaking English so the language is not a barrier.
How far does OD go? Do you mean who do they treat? There are some articles about this.
The idea of a parallel universe and not being able to find the balance

(Thalia) #5

Sorry, only half my message got sent - I don’t know what happened to the rest of it! I’m not good with this sort of thing.
Anyway, I don’t think your idea is far fetched, the idea of a parallel universe is useful.
I’ve been interested in mental health issues for nearly thirty years, and recently qualified as a counsellor.
My mother was born in Kalavrita, but the place I know best is Kerkira (I haven’t been for a long time). Anyway, I appreciate this opportunity to find out more about what’s happening in Greece now, so thank you.