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Do we have any testimonials about the Open Dialogue?

(Sylvain Rousselot) #1

Do we have any testimonials about the Open Dialogue?

I have not found any testimonials from people who have benefited from the Open Dialogue.

It would be very interesting for these people to testify, for example in a blog, or by responding to interviews.

What did they think of this approach?

Did it do them any good?

What were the long-term results?

Are there things to improve in the Open Dialogue, do some things go wrong?

Would they recommend Open Dialogue to others?

If they have experienced standard psychiatry, can they compare?

It would make sense for former patients to testify, or respond to interviews.

(Thalia) #2

Hi Sylvain,
I haven’t seen tetimonials about treatment, but this article has information on results – maybe you’ve seen it already.


(Sylvain Rousselot) #3

Thank you. The case studies are interesting. But I know someone who would like to read testimonies, and I too would like to. Testimonials are also more accessible than scientific studies, for many people.

(Thalia) #4

I find that the research results powerful. I agree that testimonials are different - but I’d only give a testimonial if I was pleased with something, so I don’t find them representative. Also, asking people who are, or have been, in a vulnerable position to talk publicly of their experience doesn’t seem right to me. However, other people may think differently, and maybe such information does exist. I’ve only been involved with Open Dialogue for a year, and don’t know everything that’s going on.