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Foundation Training in Hervey Bay

Hi Nick :slight_smile: I’m privileged to be doing the foundation course based in Hervey Bay. I’m a peer worker and understand that the group will consist of 15 peer workers and 15 clinical staff, is that correct? :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah Ann. That is my understanding, yes - 15 peers and 15 clinicians, along with a few others - general practitioners and academics. Look forward to meeting you next week!

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Just a little bit excited :slight_smile:

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Hi Sarah Ann,

I’m excited too!!! It’s great to hear the Foundation Training will be in Hervey Bay. I live in Newcastle NSW and have one block to go to finish Foundation Training. I hope there might be an opportunity to meet you and others in your course.

Kind regards, Kerry

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That would be great Kerry :slight_smile: I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! We had some workers from Flourish Newcastle here today. Sharing their experience of the NDIS.

If you’re not too sure where to park,Turn right at the library sign, just after the USC building, heading East on Old Maryborough road. There is free all day parking, on gravel, behind the bitjamined library car park :slight_smile:

and how are you feeling about the training now then?

Wow my head is still spinning, but in a good way!! What an amazing week, filled with the most amazing people and of course the groundbreaking framework that is ‘Open Dialogue’. What a privilege to have taken part! ’

My sincerest thanks to the trainers, Nick, Petra, Isult and Annic and to all that attended who shared their knowledge and their vulnerability. This last week has been an experience that will stay with me forever.

Hello everyone, I’m hoping that my tech skills are up to scratch and you get this post…

Today I’m feeling like I’ve run a marathon! what an amazing week!!

Thank you all for creating such a memorable, humbling, enlivening, and unifying first week. And a massive thanks to our trainers and to Cherie for their awesomeness in making this training possible.

Time now for me to sit with my experience, reflect and let all of this new information settle, to live into it…

Looking forward to being able to connect this way and to keep our dialogues flowing…