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For 15 years, I have walked with my wife on the healing journey through her dissociative identity disorder. We mostly used attachment theory concepts as I helped her through all kinds of extreme states and helped her heal and connect to all her dissociated parts. I keep a little blog on word press and had written 2, disjointed booklets on our journey. Someone read them and was so excited, he asked me to write a full-length book. He even helped me connect with a therapist and the thinking was she would come behind what I wrote and offer the science of why what I did helped my wife heal so well.

But things fell apart and he had to withdraw his offer to sponsor the project, but he still voiced his belief that I need to finish the book. So I have, and I have put it on my blog for free download. Dissociative identity disorder runs the gamut of mental health issues, and I have written from the perspective of the primary attachment figure to other spouses, significant others and family members who want to walk with their loved ones as I have my own wife.

I’ve always loved the idea of Open Dialogue and have wished its founders would engage with me. We the primary attachment figures are the only ones able to walk with our loved ones 24/7 in a way that no one else can. But the extreme states our loved ones go through can be scary for them and us the first time we go through them…and knowing what to do and how to help can be a maze.

I offer the full-length book for free download on my blog, and if Open Dialogue or any other group would like to pick sponsorship of the project back up, I would love to see the vision completed as originally intended.