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ISPS book - Open Dialogue and Psychosis - Call for clinical papers and first person accounts of Open Dialogue

(Nick Putman) #1

Are you interested in (co)authoring a paper on your experience of either facilitating or participating in Open Dialogue meetings? If so, please read on!

Brian Martindale and myself are co-editing a book on Open Dialogue and Psychosis for the ISPS book series (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis). Whilst Open Dialogue is not an approach specialised to psychosis, the main research papers have focused on first episode psychosis and the outcomes have been very positive. For this reason it feels prudent to collate this book focusing on the use of Open Dialogue with people/families affected by psychosis. It will be the first book to draw together practitioners, trainers, administrators and researchers from many international settings/services developing Open Dialogue, and we hope that it will help to further the development of the approach internationally.

In considering the content of the book, it feels important to include descriptions of the work undertaken with those affected by psychosis in Open Dialogue meetings, both from the perspective of practitioners (clinicians and peer workers), but also from the perspective of clients/families. We are therefore interested in collecting such accounts from different services internationally. These accounts can either be broad in focus, or can address a specific issue/aspect.

If you are undertaking such work and are in a position to write about this, or you know of people who are and who would like to make a contribution to the book (whether practitioners or clients/families), please reply by WEDNESDAY 31 MAY or as soon as possible thereafter. In your message please include a very brief description of the contribution you would like to make. Further detail can follow at a later stage.
Please do forward this message to anyone who you think would be interested.

(Louisa Putnam) #2

Kermit and I would be happy to work on a piece about our work.

(Kerry) #3

Yes (tentatively) I would like to write with one of my patients.

(Mario Eugster) #4

Hi Nick,

sorry for late reply, was on holiday…yes would be interested in writing about a family I have been working with.

(Nick Putman) #5

To those of you who are interested in writing about your work, please complete the form on the following page on the international website by 18 June: