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New film about R D Laing – Mad to be Normal

(Thalia) #1

There’s a new film out this year – Mad to be Normal. It’s a fictional account of the pyschiatrist and psychotherapist RD Laing’s work at Kingsley Hall, from 1965 to 1970. David Tennant is brilliant as RD Laing, in another doctor role (he also played Doctor Who). It’s based on the book Mad to be Normal by Bob Mullan, consisting of interviews with RD Laing, which is one of my favourite books. It shows the power of listening to people in crisis, so I’d say it’s relevant to Open Dialogue.
I think it’s a great film, and some of you may enjoy watching it too, if you get the chance.

(Alan Hendry) #2

Thanks for this, Thalia. I’ll be looking out for it. Laing words lent sense and validity at a much needed time.

(Paul) #3

Hi Thalia,
This is very good news. Thanks for the information. Will be on the look out.