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Open Dialogue and italy

Hi my nane su jessica and i live in modena i am a terapist and i love my work that si my life. I am studing in this year this way of life and i should know more information abiti this in italy . Should do you help me?

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Hi Jessyka,
Nice hear your interest of Open Dialogue. I don’t know how could I help you in your question, but I also feel that there has been lately growing interest about OD in Italy. I keep supervising regularly in Roma Frascati & Roma A Psychiatry and also planning to come to Trieste next year. In Modena I know many very talented dialogists and psychiatrist Fausto Mazzi knows more that.
If you are already a psychotherapist, you can always apply to Open Dialogue Trainers Training, which is held in Helsinki and next course starts 2018.
You can always ask me more about OD, and will help if I can.
Yours, Jorma Ahonen

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Oh thanks a lot jorma! I know what you tell me becouse Fausto Mazzi in my professor and i work with him for many patients. Eh si my Pigmalione ! I only am a terapist not a psicoterapist so i dont know if i can do the trainer! I watched all video on internet and read some books but now i need of pratic and i dont know where can find this.
Scuse me for my elemantary English!

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