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Open dialogue in Sweden

Hi! I’m curios to know if there are anybody working with OD in Sweden. I have close relatives with first time psychosis and have heard about it from a doctor.

Hi Per,

I will ask around and get back to you asap.


Hi Mia! I sent an e-mail to Jaakko Seikkula himself and he encouraged me to contact a certain psychotherapist in Stockholm. I have now talked to her a few times on the phone and we are finding ways to work together.
Please let me know if You find someone else as well, always good to know. Thanks for helping out!

Kind regards

Hi Per, I did send a message to you yesterday, you can find it from your mailbox :slight_smile:

I`m glad Jaakko was able to help you.



Öppna samtal ?

There are some researchers who described Open Dialogue related experiences in Danmark, Norway and Sweden. The engllish texte is here :

This might give you some clues

We translated it in french here if more convenient. :


Hello! Have you found anyone that works with OD in Sweden? I would also like to come in contact with someone, as a close relative of mine is starting to experience psychosis.