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Pondering Block 4

(Rex Barker) #1

After the family of origin …I left the last sessions deeply moved by the stories shared by those in our group. I was also aware of the reflection that these stories initiated within me, so much so that days later I am still ashamed by some of my actions in earlier life. Listening to the stories of others I realised what a relatively privileged life I had as a child and how loving and caring my parents were in spite of my appalling behaviour. In the end it got to the point where I shared these feelings of regret and remorse with my sister, and today wrote to my brother asking forgiveness for my treatment of him. It wasn’t anything nasty, just what seems to have happened between many brothers who had to share a room with a younger brother. I hope this will encourage healing within my family because I know there are other schisms that need to be healed, and when you explore your family of origin it seems to expose reality in a non-judgemental way, opening the way for sharing and re-connecting when links have for one reason or another broken. It has so much value for everyone beyond OD, well beyond those seeking professional help. How has it been for you? Best wishes Rex