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Practice in the UK

I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, part way through the OD one year course (currently postponed due to Covid 19) and I’m looking for people to practice with in the UK (Solihull/Coventry/Birmingham/ Midlands area). Is there anybody out there who is interested? If so, perhaps we can talk.

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Hello Rachel,
Hope you’re doing well and staying safe.
I read with interest your posting about someone to practice OD with.
I am curious, have you considered doing online sessions on Zoom or Skype depending on which platform the family and network will be happy to work with?
I have experience holding sessions online and have been doing that all through the lockdown. If it’s something you will consider, I am happy to work with you. Let me know and we can take it forward.
Paul Ekwuruke.

Hi Paul
definitely would consider - perhaps we should meet on Zoom/WhatsApp to discuss


07747 606022

Hi Rachel,
Let me know when it’s convenient for you to meet up on zoom to discuss. Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm is fine by me otherwise we can do and evening at 6:00pm


Dear all,
As all my OD face to face work has ceased because of Covid, I am wondering whether anyone has any OD Zoom working that I could join in. I speak English and Portuguese.
Please let me know here or via email (better) at
Feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss about it.
Many thanks
Marco - 07880506565

Dear all,

Below is the link to access the meeting room for our roleplay practice session.
As advised on our last meeting, I can’t join tonight but you have the Zoom room to use freely. I hope enough of you can join today for a proper role-play to develop.

You should be able to access without waiting to be admitted.
I hope it works out well.
If not, you have the meeting ID code to access.

Wishing you a great session and see you in a fortnight!

JAEC Foundation Claudia Esteve is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: OD Practice Drop-in Session

Time: 18 h London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 836 0958 0817

Hi Claudia,
Many thanks for your message.
I was not aware of the meetings, is it something that it is open to all?
Is it a role-play practice session? What does it mean?
Please let me know as I am willing to have OD paid work with clients on line whenever available.
Kind regards

Oops, Marco,

I didn’t know that this was an open forum.

Sorry, this was aimed at the international group now finishing our OD training. We are around 20 participants and we created this small role-play practice online. Unfortunately, we have had a hard time getting enough people to role-play. Thus, I do not think that this will progress. But thanks anyway for the interest.

Warm regards,

Claudia. (Switzerland.)

No worries and many thanks for letting me know.
Marco from Rio de Janeiro and based in London