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Relationships with other humanist schools?

I wrote to the AFPACP (French Psychotherapy Association in the Person Centered Approach, Carl Rogers) to propose to discuss the Open Dialogue approach by email or telephone.

I thought it might be interesting to get closer to other humanist schools, which have a similar philosophy to the Open Dialogue, even though the technique may be different.

The ACP France (Person Centered approach, France), a neighboring association, organizes free “meeting groups” every month in Toulouse, whose functioning seems fairly close to the Open Dialogue meetings.

An experiment in the same spirit as the Open Dialogue approach, realized by Carl Rogers in 1967, with schizophrenics, normal people and without neuroleptic, page 2 of the pdf.

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I agree, I think Open Dialogue has things in common with Carl Rogers and the Person-centred approach. Thank you for providing the link to the Matt Irwin article describing Rogers’ experiment. The whole article is is really interesting!

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