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In Jaakko’s article he says that there are OD research projects under way in the UK and elsewhere. I wonder if the organisations undertaking this research would update us or share with us the projects purpose and progress on this website. It would surely encourage and inform those seeking to adopt the practice if we were aware of the work being done elsewhere, and we may even be able to collaborate or assist the project teams.

I would also be interested to hear if any organisations went beyond using this as an therapeutic intervention process and adopted it as a way of working together. Dialogue does encourage greater transparency and clarity in communication, which seems to be a major challenge to many management cultures.

Hi Rex
I am a student on the Trainers in training course and I also teach on the POD course, Peer-supported Open Dialogue which is training teams of NHS staff across the country. They will be participating in a RCT( randomised controlled trial) which will be starting in a few months. Here is website that can tell you a bit more. It will be a long time before we can publish any results, probably 3-4 years.

Dr Russell Razzaque is the driving force behind this project.
Hope this helps,

Hey Rex,

That’s a great question. I know there’s an article coming out soon by Niels Buus (a Danish academic poached to Australia to support OD there), about the different Scandinavian contexts in which OD has been adopted - the heterogeneity, but also the long-term learnings (they were early adopters).

I’m a fan of practitioners researching as we go - I think we could all be thinking about how we document and share our learnings and reflect on our practice - taking research into a more democratic, dialogical and learning space. How great would it be to learn about examples of organisations learning and evolving through dialogical means (which I suspect is happening all around us, in pockets of culture change).

Hopefully meet you one day not online!

My hope is that this forum, and the blog attached to the international site, can serve as a portal to all the above - to news of service developments, research, and to reflections about practice. A place where everyone can have a voice.

Still hoping that you would be up for writing something about your travels in the Open Dialogue world Flick!

For sure, Nick, once I’ve completed the other half (the America leg), I’d be really keen to share what I’ve been learning, in engaged environments (like this forum!). I also intend to write a peer-reviewed journal article but the time-delay in academia is so frustrating and in some ways much less conducive to dialogue.

Where have you been on your travels Flick?

Great! Glad to hear this is in the pipeline Flick.

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Hi everyone!!

I’m student of 5th year of Social Work, focusing on Psychotherapy, currently I’m studying in University of Jyväskylä in Finland.

I’m going to write my dissertation focusing on Open Dialogue. I will be observing in Laukaa Psychiatric Polyclinic in Finland.

Cause of my studies focusing on Social Work, I must focus mainly on social part in Open Dialogue.

But as you are more experienced professionals… Have you got any idea what to focus on? For sure many of you were thinking about some topics, on which couldn’t find so much answers, etc…

I will be grateful for any tips, suggestions or advices…

Thank you,

Dear Michaela,

Something that struck me even in my first reading of “Dialogical Meetings in Social Networks”, was the idea that there were simple patterns of interchange that could be recorded and ‘scored’ in interviews from the beginning - that could be used to correlate with outcomes, once the outcomes had emerged. (This is discussed in pages 140 - 142 of the English edition.)

To me this seemed like a wonderful and radical departure from the crappy kind of “evidence” normally gathered in “evidence based” research on methods and outcomes.

Maybe this doesn’t fit into the kind of thing you will be doing at Laukaa - but I wanted to flag it up as I have always thought it was an exciting opening into a different kind of research.

Mike Roth (London Foundation Training)

Hi Rex, that’s a good idea.