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Dear all,

I am a predoctoral researcher at the Medical Anthropology Research Centre (MARC), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). I am currently working on a project funded by the Spanish government until 2026 to study the implementation of alternatives to coercion in mental health care. I just finished the open dialogue foundation course, I take part in open dialogue sessions at a public mental health center in Barcelona and collaborate with them and Hopendialogue to analyze the implementation of this approach in the country.

I am also the coordinator of the Mad In America global network, comprising users and survivors of psychiatry, critical practitioners and academics worldwide, and take part on other activities aimed at rethinking the dominant approach to psychological suffering to prevent overmedication, chronification, and abuses of people’s rights.

The present message is to offer my collaboration to any researcher and institution interested or working on open dialogue.

Enric Garcia Torrents


world is small.
Happy to share some experience together.

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Hi Vincent! :slight_smile:
I will love to chat someday, let me know when it would work for you!


Nice to meet you! I am a young public health researcher and a user of psychiatry. I am currently working on the Place of Respite research project (with Vincent here and many others). This year, with an other group, we are going to launch a participatory action research (PAR) about Open Dialogue. The objective of this PAR is to model the approach in a French and operational way, in each trained service and between services… and to prepare a randomized controlled trial with Aurélie Tinland (MD-PhD) and the different services that will want to join the adventure.

I would be glad to know more about your project of studying the implementation of alternatives to coercion in mental health care.

Let’s get in touch!

Saphir (pronoun her)