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Research ethics problems in Japan

Please do not delete. Endure uncertainty. Do not violate my freedom of expression.
I am a patient in Japan. There is no Office of Research Integrity yet.
Japanese philosopher confessed Lolita complex (sexual desire for young girl), the book titled “Confessions of a frigid man”(2005).
I am ex-girlfriend, had relationship from 1995 to 1996.
I read this book in 2016 and experienced a serious dissociation.
I wanted hospitalization to the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, but they didn’t admit, so I went to the University of Tokyo with dissociated.
Koji Ishihara (Philosophy, University of Tokyo) recruited about 40 patients from the public and ordered reflections without confirm the name of the disease. After it, my dissociation was bad.
I emailed to Ethics Committee. They said.
“It is not our jurisdiction. Because it is learning, not treatment.”
I complained about Morioka, but they did give me libel bullies.
Yuki Yamamori (Philosophy, University of Osaka) dating with woman who are participants in a self-help group. Office romance is annoying other colleagues, but he does the same thing in a self-help group. /sigh Please do not strike a match in the gunpowder store. Because it causes explosion.
The practice of open dialogue in Japan is distorted.

In the above case, what people should do?

  1. Don’t rise philosopher with Lolita complex. Simply, KICK OUT from the school. Obviously, he is not suitable for a teacher.

2.Reflections are for MEDIC. Not for PATIENTS. They often tend to over-adaptation, and might include deaf, stuttering, selective mutism and talkative. Reflections are actually psychological violence, HARRASSMENT.

3.Investigate death around Morioka. He researched brain death. Approaching to the brain dead and making moral harassment may cause hysteria and death.

4.Stop sending philosophers to hospital. They like to make dilemmas, complicate things intentionally. They can’t do constructive dialogue.

5.Need Office of Research Integrity, that investigates academic misconduct within 24 hours on request. Add the following in their employment contract:
Research ethic is serious problem in japan. Lately, Nature and Science accused.