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Training conference query

(richardw) #1

Is there a national OD conference planned this year - 2017 - in the UK?

(Val Jackson) #2

POD (Peer-supported Open Dialogue) is having one in central London on March 22nd, the details will be available shortly. The main focus will be the RCT that is due to commence shortly.

(richardw) #3

Thanks Val.
Do you have any contact derails for this event?
Best regards

(Thalia) #4

Hi Richard,
Open Dialogue UK is doing some introductory seminars across the UK, from 6th to 11th March, in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow. You can get details from,, or phone 020 8133 3441.
I hope this helps,
Thalia Martin

(Thalia) #5

I forgot to say that the theme of these seminars is Open Dialogue in the NHS.

(Val Jackson) #6

So sorry Richard not to have seen your question before. Here is the link to the conference which is free, donation based. It’s at the Salvation Army centre near Oxford Street.
there are details on this website under conferences and events.

(Oli) #7

Are there any videos from the conference available online? I haven’t found anything…

(Val Jackson) #8

There’s no video from this year’s conference, just last year if you would like that.