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You can now respond to any forum posts and messages via email

I am pleased to be able to let users of this forum know that it is now possible to reply to forum topics/posts and personal messages sent via the forum via email, meaning that, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to visit the forum to respond. Simply reply to the emails that you receive notifying you of new posts/messages in the way that you would usually reply to emails.

This won’t work for summary emails, which update you on new content on the forum when you haven’t visited in a while, but it will work for everything else.

I hope that this will make the forum more user friendly!

Hi Nick and indeed all on the forum. It’s been a very long time since I wrote in.

I did the OD 2016 - 2017 course which somehow feels like a long time ago…

I’m in the process of trying to create an introduction to OD awareness half day presentation for own company the ‘Response Organization’.

I wondered if anyone on the forum could advise me as to the most recent journal articles describing OD outcomes both in Finland and Internationally over the last 3 or 4 years that could be recommended reading. The OD awareness workshop would probably be two or three steps short of the kind of seminar presentation Nick would usually do. What I’m doing is largely an in-house taster for our organization.

I’ve tried a Google search which did not seem to yield much.

Hello John,
I haven’t got any useful up-to-date info for you – I’m just saying hello, and good luck with your presentation.