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This category is for any conversations specific to the development and practice of Open Dialogue and related dialogical approaches in Australia, including new initiatives, training programmes, the experience of practicing, research and other issues relating to mental health services in Australia.

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Hi Nick,

This past week I have been thinking of you, Petra, the others in your team and the Australians undertaking the Foundation Training in Hervey Bay, the first block in Australia almost done!!!

I notice their are fellow novocastrians in the group, please pass on my contact details to them, I would very much like to meet them.

Hope to see you in Australia on one of your next trips,

(Nick Putman) #4

Thanks Kerry. It’s been a great experience being with the group in Hervey Bay. Member of the Wide Bay training are gradually joining the forum - not sure who is a Novocastrian, but hopefully you can work with this out.

I hope that the forum will prove to be a useful communication tool for developments in Australia.

Yes, I hope we can meet in Australia in one of our next visits.