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Publicity material for seminars and trainings in 2017 to distribute


(Nick Putman) #1

Hello all,

Attached you will find PDFs which can be distributed to promote the following events and trainings:

‘Open Dialogue in the NHS’ seminars in March 2017
Foundation Training commencing in London in June 2017
Full 3 Year Training commencing in London in September 2017

You can download these PDFs and distribute them via email, Facebook, etc, as they are relatively small files.

I would be grateful for any help you can give to distribute this information.

Thanks and best wishes,


Open Dialogue in the NHS - Email.pdf (201.5 KB)
Open Dialogue - Foundation Training 2017 - Email.pdf (145.5 KB)
Open Dialogue - Full Training 2017 - Email.pdf (193.0 KB)